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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib hari ini tak menolak bahawa punca kepada banjir yang teruk melanda Kelantan adalah daripada aktiviti pembalakan..

"Asked whether the rampant opening of land on hill slopes in the two districts was the main factor for the floods, Najib did not rule out the possibility of human negligence being a contributing factor for the disaster.

“Rampant opening of land especially for logging has an effect on the environment because there is no natural retention to stop the water from flowing directly to the river swiftly,” he said.

The numerous logs floating in the river also had an effect when they became stuck under the bridges blocking the water from flowing and thus spilling over to the surrounding areas resulting in major floods.

“This is a lesson for us to take action to ensure sustainable development and a reminder from Allah SWT to us actually, so we must remember the guidance contained in the Al Quran that humans are actually the cause, God will not be cruel to us but we are being cruel to our own selves,” he said.

Senada dengan Najib, MB Kelantan juga membuat kenyataan yang lebih kurang sama.. (BACA DI SINI)

Nak bukti pulak?

Nengok ni..

Nak bukti lagi?

Nengok ni..

Ada lagi gambar-gambar berkaitan..

Sape jaga Balak di Kelantan?

UMNO kah?
Najib kah?

Lu pikir la sendiri...

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  1. Sape jaga Balak di Kelantan?

    UMNO kah?
    Najib kah?
    malulah nak jawab